This page should help you get started. Alaskans are welcome to contribute to any content that is placed in the Alaska wikicity. In order to gain full Alaska wikicitizenship, you should take a few moments to register as a user.

Create an AccountEdit

If you've never logged in as a user, simply click on the 'create an account' link at the top of the page. Once you've provided a username and password, you're a member.

Edit Your PageEdit

On your new user page, write whatever you want people to know about you. Make links to new pages about whatever you're interested in by enclosing those words in double brackets. Be sure to use the the category:Alaskans tag on your user page, similar to the one you see at the bottom of this page or copy this line of text: [[category:Alaskans|USERNAME]]. On the new subject pages that you make, name the categories for those topics.

When you add category:Alaskans, inside of double square brackets, your name will appear in the list of Alaskans. Important note:When categorizing the user pages, use a pipe | symbol after the word Alaskans and include your name in the tag after that pipe symbol. Otherwise, all users are indexed within the U (for User) section. See User:DougN and Alaskans for examples.

Participate and ContributeEdit

You can get started adding subject matter right away. Find an article or a category that you are interested in and edit an existing page, or create a new page to expand the topic.

If you don't see something already here that you want to write about, please make a new page. To do that, write a little bit about yourself on your User page, and enclose the words you want to use for new page titles in double square brackets. When you save the page you made, those words will be highlighted red. Click on them and begin writing an ariticle about the topic you chose. At the bottom of your new page use the category:categoryname (where categoryname is the word for your new topic) tag inside of the all-important double square brackets. You will then be on your way to making Alaska wikicity history.

Use This PageEdit

One other way to begin contributing pages to the Alaska wikicity is to write on this page and create links from here. In the space called "Sign in Here" simply create the links that you want to use and edit those pages with the information you have to offer. Remember to tag the pages with category links.

Sign In HereEdit